The following awards are available to FPHS Band program students:

John Philip Sousa Award
The John Philip Sousa Award honors the top student in the high school band, recognizing superior musicianship and outstanding dedication. The winners of the John Philip Sousa Award are:

2000-2001       Phoebe Giannini
2001-2002       Phoebe Giannini
2002-2003       Phoebe Giannini
2003-2004       Nick Annan / Craig MacHenry
2004-2005       DJ Palmire
2005-2006       DJ Palmire
2006-2007       Whitney Miller
2007-2008       Alyssa Cobb
2008-2009       Emily Winkler
2009-2010       Jackie Price
2010-2011       Eric Hoffman
2011-2012       Elizabeth Bartlett
2012-2013       Austin Andrulis
2013-2014       Patrick O’Brien
2014-2015      Julie Siberts
2015-2016      Jonathan Dries
2016-2017      Isabella Lowe

The Bruin Band Director’s Award
The winners of the Bruin Band Director’s Award are:

2001-2002       Chris Cowger
2002-2003       Brett Lykins
2003-2004       Andrew Steenbuck
2004-2005       Chris Steenbuck / Meagan Petit
2005-2006       Katie Croghan
2006-2007       Cameron Welickz / Keighly Clark
2007-2008       Michael McKannon / Crystal Shank
2008-2009       Peter Siebert / Megan Banner
2009-2010       Amber Geary / Kristen Forbes
2010-2011       Donny Brayton / Katie Stein
2011-2012       John Maitland / Ryan Cunningham
2012-2013       Laura Tracy / Brian Smith
2013-2014       The Class of 2014
2014-2015      Katie Deal / Natasha White
2015-2016      Tatayana Allen / Alex Howell
2016-2017      Alexander McNamara

Louis Armstrong Award
The Louie Armstrong Jazz Award honors the outstanding jazz musician at each high school.  The winners of the Louie Armstrong Award are:

2008-2009       David Greer
2009-2010       Elijah Washington
2010-2011        Matthew Johnson
2011-2012        Steven Kelsey

J.R. Snow Scholarship
The J.R. Snow Music Education Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior band program participant pursuing a college major in music.

2004-2005       Chad Howard
2005-2006       Josh Holmes
2006-2007       Angie Hinrichs
2007-2008       Sean Schou
2008-2009       Emily Winkler
2010-2011       Sheron Stevenson
2011-2012       Lara Abila
2012-2013       Austin Andrulis
2013-2014       Patrick O’Brien
2014-2015      Julie Siberts
2015-2016      Paul Rodriguez
2016-2017      Taylor Mann

All State Band
Students selected by audition for the the Virginia All-State band are:
2003    Adam Zaccagnino
2003    Craig MacHenry
2004    Nick Annan
2004    Katie Croghan
2004    DJ Palmire
2005    Caitlin Collins
2005    Katie Croghan
2005    DJ Palmire
2006    Kaite Croghan
2007    Alex Burnham
2008    Alec Moser
2008    Crystal Shank
2008    Alyssa Cobb
2008    Andrew Gambarani
2011    Nick Smith
2012    Austin Andrulis
2012    Steven Kelsey
2013    Austin Andrulis
2014    Claire Neice
2014    Patrick O’Brien
2016    Isabella Lowe
2017    Isabella Lowe
2017    Ian Cox
2017    Taylor Mann


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