July 18, 2018
  • Forest Park High School, Woodbridge, VA


Working in Harmony for Successful Students

The Forest Park High School Bruin Band Boosters (BBB) is organized exclusively for the purpose of providing support and resources to improve, enhance and maintain the band program at Forest Park.  The BBB operates as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  We fundamentally work to recognize, promote and instill the highest caliber of band student consistent with the objectives and instruction of the band under the leadership of Mr. Rob Specketer.  Your participation is vital to our efforts.

Membership in the BBB is open to any parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled in the band program at Forest Park High School.  The BBB have oversight governance from an Executive Board that provides for the annual planning and fund raising necessary to sustain the level of performance and enrichment that helps our students succeed in the classroom and auditorium, on the field and in our community.

If you are interested in one of our vacant board or at-large positions, please contact Tracy Jack at president@bruinband.net.

Booster Meeting Minutes (09-14-2017)

Booster Meeting Minutes (08-01-2017)

Booster Meeting Minutes (05-09-17)

Booster Meeting Minutes (03-21-17)

Booster Meeting Minutes (02-14-17)

Booster Meeting Minutes (01-17-17)

Booster Meeting Minutes (10-11-16)


2017 – 2018 Executive Board

President:Tracy Jack - President@bruinband.net
Executive Vice President:(vacant) - EVP@bruinband.net
Vice President for Financial Affairs/Treasurer:Sheila Noble - Treasurer@bruinband.net
Vice President for Fundraising:Ingrid Entzminger - Fundraising@bruinband.net
Chairperson for Public Affairs:(vacant) - PublicAffairs@bruinband.net
Secretary:Julie Oglesby - Secretary@bruinband.net
Director:Rob Specketer - Director@bruinband.net

2017 – 2018 At-Large Positions
Nominated by the President and approved by the Executive Board, Members-at-Large serve a term of one year and serve as advisors to the Executive Board. The Members-at-Large have no voting rights on the Executive Board.

Uniform Coordinator:Scarlett Abila
Pit and Prop Coordinator:(vacant)
Volunteer Coordinator:Jax Couch
New Member Coordinator:(vacant)
Receptions Coordinator:Kim Cox, Sabrina Chandler
Spirit Wear Coordinator:Teresa Zencuch
Guard Moms:Denise Hummel