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Working in Harmony for Successful Students

The Forest Park High School Bruin Band Boosters (BBB) is organized exclusively for the purpose of providing support and resources to improve, enhance and maintain the band program at Forest Park.  The BBB operates as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  We fundamentally work to recognize, promote and instill the highest caliber of band student consistent with the objectives and instruction of the band under the leadership of Mr. Rob Specketer.  Your participation is vital to our efforts.

Membership in the BBB is open to any parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled in the band program at Forest Park High School.  The BBB have oversight governance from an Executive Board that provides for the annual planning and fund raising necessary to sustain the level of performance and enrichment that helps our students succeed in the classroom and auditorium, on the field and in our community.

If you are interested in one of our vacant board or at-large positions, please contact Tracy Jack at president@bruinband.net.

Marching Band – Looking for ways to plug in here are the key areas throughout the marching season and school year where you can step in.

Band camp:

          Snack/Water station

                   Parent volunteers provide assistance at our water and snack station during rehearsal times in 2-hour intervals, some shifts may involve set up, take down and moving of set up from indoor to outdoor area. If you cannot work a whole shift – that is fine, we invite you to sign up for a full block, and then let us know how long you can stay in the comment section.                                  Perishable food items such as grapes, watermelon, and other fruits are asked to be donated in bite size pieces. These items are kindly asked to be dropped off on the day they appear on the sign-up.

Bulk snack items requested can be donated at any time during camp sessions or before camp to the band room: Goldfish, pretzels, peanut butter crackers, and cheese crackers

          Uniform room

                   Coordinator assistants-assist out Uniform Coordinator fit and refit ALL marchers during the first week of band camp.  Preparing room and room organization for the upcoming marching season.

Seamstress/basic sewing- many uniforms need hemming, button fixes, and alterations before wearing them.  Portable sewing machines are also needed to help.


Marching Season: game, competitions, home/away games

   (**-these volunteers are given badges for events gaining them free entry into games and competition)

**Pit Crew:

A VITAL position, volunteers assist loading the band trailer with all necessary equipment to and from competitions. These volunteers also assist the Front Ensemble marchers getting on and off the field in a timely manner for games and competitions.

**Props Team:

                        Load/unload/ props for transport to competitions. Home games, unload and have props ready for field set up during half times.   Set up and remove props from field for performances. Please consider being part of this team for the ENTIRE season! Consistency and speed on and off the field is an element to our show. 

**Guard Mom:

Provide overall supervision for guard members and be available to assist our Guard Instructor (Amy Sesay) to help maintain a fluid guard season.

**Guard Helpers:

Provide supervision and “watch the clock” with hair and uniform preparation for games, competitions, and parades.  Be available to assist the Guard Mom and Instructor with guard needs during games, competitions and parades.


Within the uniform room, assist with distribution and return of uniforms to marchers before and after events such as games, competitions, Tag Day, parades.  Our Uniform Coordinator provides event specific instructions to those helping with each event to be ready to assist in this area each time.

               Scrubs Washing:

Take home, wash and return to uniform room aprox. 20-25 white scrubs pants (the protective white pants worn by marchers over uniform pants) after each event.  Bags are placed outside uniform room labeled with volunteers last name on instruction card along with return date information.

            Uniform Washing:

                        Take home, wash and return aprox. 10-15 pairs of overall uniform pants. (Will require room to hang pants during drying time).  Bags with hangers are placed outside uniform room labeled with volunteers last name on instruction card along with return date/time information.

            **Seat Covers/Water:

Fill and transport water coolers as a team to and from stadium, assist with cleaning/drying after use.  Provide band (sections leaders) with water to distribute while in stands.  Cover and remove stadium bleacher covers before and after games or competitions.  This team does not travel on the buses with the band, traveling ahead of us to prepare the stadium and sitting area prior to marcher’s arrival.  Coordinator for this even varies and carpooling is encouraged.

** (if filling ) Chaperone substitutes:

In the event a Board Member chaperone cannot attend an away or home event: Travel with students on bus, assist with distribution and return of plumes as marchers prepare and leave any performance field, hand out scrubs before boarding buses and assist with collection if needed before and after performances, sit with/near band in stands, maintain possession of “bus backpack”.  Monitor concessions area when band permitted to go during away games and competition.

            **3rd Quarter Concessions (home games):

Present at side door of concessions stand during 3rd quarter, take orders and money, coordinating with concession stand volunteers to assist student band members without disturbing general population line.


Uniform room: during the school week

In between games, performances, competitions, provide general assistance to our Uniform Coordinator with steaming and preparing uniforms, maintaining organization of uniforms and uniform room. (We kindly remind you this position cannot have younger siblings present in school during class instruction time.  We apologize for this possibly limiting your involvement, but we cannot be a disruption during classroom instruction time per school office)


TAG DAY (Our #1 fundraiser for the school year.   Mandatory for all marchers to attend)


Provide vehicle (which holds no less than 4 passengers and the driver) and transportation of students along Tag Day route.  Oversee the safety of and motivate students along route, maintain security of donated funds until turned in to collection room at FPHS.


Meal prep/service:

Assist with set up or clean-up of donated food and drinks provided, serve (oversee buffet lines) during meals.


OTHER ways to plug-in throughout the year – look for more information about the following events on our Facebook page, emails and right here on our band webpage via our calendar sign-up links

Tiny Tots

8th Grade Night

Dinners (potlucks)

VBODA for concert bands

Senior Recognition night

Marching Band Banquet

2017 – 2018 Executive Board

President:Tracy Jack - President@bruinband.net
Executive Vice President:Andrew Giamberardino - EVP@bruinband.net
Vice President for Financial Affairs/Treasurer:Sheila Noble - Treasurer@bruinband.net
Vice President for Fundraising:(vacant) - Fundraising@bruinband.net
Chairperson for Public Affairs:(vacant) - PublicAffairs@bruinband.net
Secretary:Julie Oglesby - Secretary@bruinband.net
Director:Rob Specketer - Director@bruinband.net

2017 – 2018 At-Large Positions
Nominated by the President and approved by the Executive Board, Members-at-Large serve a term of one year and serve as advisors to the Executive Board. The Members-at-Large have no voting rights on the Executive Board.

Uniform Coordinator:Scarlett Abila
Pit and Prop Coordinator:(vacant)
Volunteer Coordinator:Jax Couch
New Member Coordinator:(vacant)
Receptions Coordinator:Sabrina Chandler
Spirit Wear Coordinator:Teresa Zencuch
Guard Moms:Denise Hummel